The National Electrical Contractors Association has been promoting and advancing the interests of the electrical contracting industry ever since 1901. 

NECA successfully accomplished this through several key objectives, which are:

  • To meet the skilled manpower needs of the industry though training apprentices and Journeymen
  • To promote harmonious labor-management relations and provide for the orderly settlement of labor disputes
  • To achieve a voice in legislative and regulatory affairs
  • To learn and practice sound, state-of-the-art business management techniques in order to improve productivity and prosperity
  • To keep contractors informed of the latest developments in the electrical construction industry, including new products, services, and training


The NECA chapter is the backbone of the organization. Electrical contractors can affiliate with the national organization through membership in the local NECA chapter. 

The chapters operate autonomously, elect their own officers, set their own dues and service charges, and determine their own chapter programs and priorities. 

Each NECA chapter has a professional staff member whose duty is to manage the chapter's affairs and programs on behalf of the membership. 

The chapter serves the members in handling local labor relations and negotiations with the local unions; and as the local representative of the national NECA organization. 

All members help decide NECA's course because each chapter elects a "governor" to represent the chapter to NECA's national organization. The assembly of the governors of all chapters is known as the "NECA Board of Governors" and is the NECA policy making body. The board meets annually to decide issues of importance to the entire organization. Each governor casts a vote weighted in accordance with the number of NECA chapter members he or she represents. 


The Missouri Valley Line Constructors Chapter, Inc. was chartered on Aug. 29, 1955 and had 8 original member contractors. The Chapter today has 32 members and covers the states of: North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri. Within this jurisdiction, the Chapter maintains relations with 11 IBEW local unions. 

The Southwestern Line Constructors Chapter, Inc. was originally sponsored by the national organization in September 1959. The Chapter then received its individual charter on Nov. 15, 1965 with 17 original member contractors. The Chapter today has 22 members and covers the states of: Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Within this Jurisdiction, the Chapter maintains relations with 10 IBEW local unions. 

Both chapters operate out of one office in Kansas City, MO under the direction of Chapter Manager Joe Mitchell. His staff includes Office Manager Roxanna Webb, Executive Assistant Emily McClendon, and Administrative Assistant Sonja McNett. Although the Chapters are operated out of the one office, they remain individual organizations.