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Annual NECA Service Charges (NECA Members Only)

Chapter and National Service Charges

  • From 0 man hours to 40,000 man hours = 0.8% of gross labor payroll
  • From 40,000 man hours to 75,000 man hours = 0.2% of gross labor payroll
  • From 75,000 man hours to 150,000 man hours = 0.15% or gross labor payroll
  • Over 150,000 man hours per calendar year there are no service charges due.
  • Chapter dues of $550 per member are waived after the 1st year of membership.

Chapter and National Service Charges

  • From 0 man hours to 75,000 man hours = 0.8% of gross labor payroll
  • From 75,000 man hours to 150,000 man hours = 0.15% or gross labor payroll
  • Over 150,000 man hours per calendar year there are no service charges due.
  • Chapter dues of $600 per member are waived after the 1st year of permanent membership.

Administrative Maintenance Fund (All Signatory Contractors)

Administrative Maintenance Fund

  • From 0 man hours to 40,000 man hours = 0.2% of gross labor payroll

Administrative Maintenance Fund

  • From 0 man hours to 75,000 man hours = 0.2% of gross labor payroll

Benefits to Becoming a Member

Convention/Electrical Industry Exposition

  • The NECA Convention/Exposition is the most economical educational opportunity for line and electrical contractors and their key employees.
  • Educational seminars offered at the NECA annual convention are the best programs available within the industry on electrical construction management.
  • District Ten Conference offers NECA Line Construction Members a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with other top contractors.

Labor Relations

  • NECA enhances the market position of signatory line contractors by negotiating the most competitive terms in both national and local agreements.
  • NECA helps settle local labor disputes quickly through the expertise of its nationwide network of national staff, regional field representatives and local chapter managers.
  • NECA helps members avoid problems with unlawful or ambiguous provisions in locally negotiated agreements through its formal agreement review program.
  • NECA promotes the industry's common interests through a positive working relationship with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.
  • NECA helps members make profitable use of national construction and maintenance agreements by processing the applications and coordinating implementation promptly.
  • NECA enables members to improve negotiating skills in labor-management issues through the NECA Institute on Labor Relations and other programs.
  • NECA promotes our members' interests through active sponsorship of the Council on Industrial Relations, construction's oldest and most successful dispute-resolution forum.
  • Through the use of the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee Program, NECA member firms increase employee skills and, ultimately, profits.
  • The information we publish on current litigation related to electrical construction helps you promote harmonious labor relations and avoid potential pitfalls.
  • NECA promotes the integrity and benefit of standardized contract language for full and uninterrupted job productivity.
  • NECA helps members increase job profits through training in such programs as Effective Supervision, Electrical Field Managers Training, and the JATC programs.
  • NECA reduces the overall cost of fringe benefit plans by sponsoring an annual employee benefit conference to educate local fund trustees on investment and administration.
  • NECA lowers fringe benefit costs by anticipating potential problems and implementing plan revisions necessitated by law changes affecting joint benefit trust funds.
  • NECA responds to the actions of the U.S Department of Labor by publishing timely information and representing members' interests in policy-making forums.
  • NECA prepares for successful labor negotiations by collecting current information on labor trends and studying industry statistics and surveys.
  • NECA maintains close contact with the Department of Labor in order to protect or gain prevailing wage rates that reflect wages paid by member contractors.
  • NECA enables members to compete for prevailing wage work on an equal basis with other contractors by cooperating with the Labor Department in monitoring regulations.
  • NECA improves the image of unionized construction with project owners through the joint NECA-IBEW Quality Connection program and by participating in Business Roundtable discussions.
  • NECA assures a positive image for electrical construction by collecting and disseminating timely, accurate data through participation on the Construction Labor Resource Council.


  • NECA enables members to capitalize on market opportunities by providing a workforce trained in emerging technologies identified via constant contact with industry sources.
  • NECA has long sponsored highly effective institutional advertising campaigns designed to inform the public of the NECA contractor's professional expertise.
  • The NECA Connection, our new computerized marketing service, links buyers and sellers of electrical construction services, another way NECA helps you get business.
  • By promoting line and electrical contractors' interests in our involvement with manufacturers, distributors, utilities and specialty groups, we help members gain marketing clout.
  • NECA provides sales training seminars and easy-to-use self-study sales training guides geared exclusively to electrical and line contractors.
  • NECA promotes and publicizes all activities which contribute to the public's awareness of the many benefits provided by member firms.
  • NECA works with allied associations to help increase your marketability and to improve the climate for productivity and profitability in the line construction industry.

Government Affairs

  • NECA monitors all federal legislation to make certain that it does not hinder the ability of member firms to operate efficiently and profitably.
  • The Electrical Construction Political Action Committee helps elect legislators who have your industry's financial well-being in mind.
  • NECA serves a watchdog role in the formation of OSHA standards and publishes compliance guidance to help members work profitably, productively and legally.
  • NECA's legislative action program means better laws so that you may have a chance to earn an honest profit with less government red tape and interference.
  • NECA monitors and reports on important court cases and legislation that impact the operations and finances of member firms.
  • We work with allied associations to help cut government red tape and promote the enactment of sensible regulations that you can live and prosper by.
  • As a charter member of the American Tort Reform Association, NECA seeks to remedy the ills of the civil justice systems that could threaten the electrical and line construction industry.
  • Our involvement in federal regulatory affairs includes publishing compliance assistance materials designed to keep members out of hot water and in business at a profit.
  • NECA promotes such educational events as the ASC Legislative Conference to help keep members informed so they can work to effect good government.

Technical Services

  • NECA identifies emerging market trends and provides technical information study kits to help members market and deliver profitable new services.
  • NECA promotes safe, efficient equipment standards by representing the interests of member contractors on the Electrical Council of Underwriters Laboratories.
  • NECA's training programs build a technically-skilled safety-conscious workforce, assuring customer satisfaction and improving electrical industry productivity.
  • NECA represents the interests of contractors in the formation of electrical materials standards by the American National Standards Institute.
  • NECA's involvement in National Electrical Safety Code development has helped to set basic standards for electrical equipment, materials and safe installation methods.
  • NECA works in coalition with other specialty industry organizations to develop technical information for our members.
  • NECA maintains an exclusive reference file on legal precedents in construction claims for members and their attorneys.

Other Member Services

  • NECA's award-winning employee communications program is designed to develop a feeling of industry-wide understanding and safety awareness among electrical workers.
  • NECA's publications bring you the latest electrical construction industry news PLUS tips to help you increase productivity and profits through improved management.
  • NECA publishes the only national magazine specifically directed toward improving the contractor's bottom line.
  • NECA stays on top of coming issues in electrical construction by studying a wide variety of industry-related trade publications and maintaining contact with allied associations.
  • NECA informs members of all new services as well as timely industry development in the weekly NECA News.
  • NECA issues Special Reports on issues of timely importance as events warrant.
  • NECA publishes information in the public media on the benefits of the electrical construction industry to society.
  • NECA offers members and chapters assistance on communication issues upon request.
  • NECA's field staff acts as an extension of the Chapter staff and the National staff to provide support for services and special projects and is always available to assist members.
  • Such resources as our new Computer System Selection Manual help members take advantage of the latest innovations in effective management and save in the process.
  • NECA's International Study Missions enable contractors to exchange ideas with their overseas counterparts and foster global relationships.
  • NECA offers management and financial seminars to help members manage their businesses for greater productivity and profits.
  • NECA addresses management succession in such programs as Elements of Electrical Contracting Management conducted at Arizona State University.
  • NECA works with its chapters to enhance the abilities of second-tier management.
  • NECA membership offers line and electrical contractors their best opportunity to shape the future of their industry.
  • NECA's member programs and services can be tailored to the unique needs of your firm.

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